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Application FAQ

Hatchbay is an early stage investor that fund and co-build scaleable solutions. We are more inclined to invest in ideas that has the potential to generate cash flow early on (more often business-to-business ideas). Even though we are looking for promising ideas, we put even more emphasis on the team.

We occasionally accept teams of one person.

We will read your application thoroughly and either: a) schedule for an interview, b) ask for additional information, or c) let you know that we are not the perfect match for your idea. You can expect to hear from us swiftly.

At Hatchbay we base all our funding decisions on the application and the personal interviews.

At Hatchbay we do not apply a standard valutation. The investment is primarily based on the progress you’ve made. As a rule of thumb we either fund 100% or 50% of your cost to develop the solution. The investment is translated into working hours, where we co-build your product.

Unlike most other incubators Hatchbay becomes a part of your team. By building your tech and empowering you to understand the business side of your company, we get a deep understanding for your users, the product, and ways it could evolve.