We turn your idea into a successful business.

Do you lack the technical skills required to build your product? Then you are in the right place. Hatchbay help entrepreneurs turn ideas into successful businesses. We aid you in the journey to challenge the status quo, with scalable solutions.

”Throughout our startup journey we have received high quality software development, hands-on guidance, and valuable contacts”

Gustav Ahlm, Easy Education

We remove your obstacles

Not only do we co-build your product, we also assist you in getting users to love and pay for it. By building your tech we get a deep understanding for your users, the product, and ways it could evolve. Trough workshops, mentoring and weekly discussions we stand by your side, all the way.

Launch fast, launch successfully.



Go from idea to execution. Together we build the first version of something people really love.



Discover your value proposition, your business model and ways to improve your product with a growing numbers of customers.



Scale your business and generate revenue – from more customers, new markets and international business.

Build something people love

Get people to use & pay for it

Get a successful business

Process FAQ

We empower you to build something people really want and then help you get alot of people to use your service. All startups take part in our 6 month program where we co-build your product. Many startups progress even further where we help you scale and reach profitability.

Each startup gets design, tech, and business expertise added to their team.

Yes! We are born global and digital. Our entire process is crafted to work just as well online as offline.

At Hatchbay we do not apply a standard valutation. The investment is primarily based on the progress you’ve made. As a rule of thumb we either fund 100% or 50% of your cost to develop the solution. The investment is translated into working hours, where we co-build your product.

Unlike most other incubators Hatchbay becomes a part of your team. By building your tech and empowering you to understand the business side of your company, we get a deep understanding for your users, the product, and ways it could evolve.

Make your vision come to life.

Do you have a great idea but no technical co-founders or capital to pursue it? Do you feel frustrated and stuck? Then join forces with the most product oriented tech investor there is. With an investment that is pledged for technical product development we make your vision come to life.

One day, or day one? You decide.

All good ideas have a window of opportunity, don’t let yours go to waste. We are ready to turn your idea into a thriving business. The only questions is, are you?