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At Hatchbay we love to work with the strong minded; the curious and fearless - the game changers. People with a strong vision and the dedication to get there. Follow our amazing entrepreneurs on their journey to challenge the status quo. Join with your own startup or contact us to become an additional investor.

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Zeeds enable people to build meaningful habits, guided by modern psychological research. Zeeds is an application that aims to build meaning in peoples lives, by helping them identify and act in line with deep rooted values. As users start to act in line with meaningful behaviors, they are able to grow plants in a virtual garden.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.


Hatchbay is an early stage investor that fund and co-build scaleable solutions. We always look for promising ideas but put even more emphasis on the team. We are ready to turn your idea into a thriving business. The only questions is, are you?

Easy Education

Easy Education gathers digital course content for higher education with the purpose to make it cheaper, more accessible and more individualized. Their platform allows students to get cheap and instant access to all their course material as wells as give them the opportunity to study with a smart digital study tool.

Every success starts with a decision.

Two Act

Two Act reduce mental illness and addiction problems, something that is often associated with both guilt and shame. They help people identify, learn to understand and grasp their situation at an earlier stage. Very often people wait much too long before they seek help for their condition, something Two Act is trying to remedy with their platform.

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